Diana Burke - "Talking on"
Diana Burke - "Your Flowers"
Diana Burke - "Plastic Animals"
Diana Burke - "Circles of a Life (Pi out of the Sky)"
Cheryl Wilson - "To See Change"
Chelsea Daigle - "Archane, Story Weaver"
Chelsea Daigle - "Both Sides of War"
Chelsea Daigle - "Seared"
Chelsea Daigle - "The Queen's Wanted Path"
Chelsea Daigle - "Three-Headed"
Noah Kreuser - "Overstimulation"
Noah Kreuser - "God's Hands"
Kat McCarron - "Existentialism Explained Inefficiently"
Crystal Willette - "Widow of the Soldier"
Sarah Pachano - "White"
Scott Silva - "Destined to be Drenched"
Scott Silva - "Courage: Lack Thereof"


Elena Karavannykh - "The Smile"
Kaily Burke - "Somebody Up There Likes Me"
Johnna Padvaiskas - "The Broken Heart"
Madison Walsh - "Howl"

Art Contributors

Crystal Willette - Artwork
Anne Hopkins - Photography
Kendall Tobin - Photography
Toni Pavao - Photography
Franziska Hoene - Artwork
Yomerly Rodriguez - Photography

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