Guest Author

Alex Aro - "A Perfect Lover"


Diana Burke - "If Love be Blind, Love Cannot Hit the Mark"
Diana Burke - "The Storm"
Diana Burke - "Cultural Anthropology"
Diana Burke - "Swollen Roundel"
Angela Martel - "Hibernation"
Chelsea Daigle - "Authentic Introduction"
Chelsea Daigle - "The Surface"
Matthew Jordan - "Ordinary Things"
Sam Rodin - "Oh, I'll Give You a Resume"
Kaily Burke - "The Fairies in My Garden"


Elena Karavannykh - "The Most Important Fly in the World"
Kaily Burke - "The House of Ursonate"
Mariam Salvidar - "The Final Hour"

Art Contributors

Angela Martel - Photography & Artwork
Anne Hopkins - Photography
Amanda Nickerson - Artwork
Steven DiLeo - Artwork

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