Guest Author - Gregory Maguire

"In That Country"


Guest Author - Gregory Maguire
"In a Pine Grove by the River"
"Star Marrow"
"The Red Sox Tree"

Ann Goodwin - "Narcissus and Echo"
Cathy Morrow - "Reflection"
Aja Metcalf - "I Am..."
Everson Taveras - "Dreams That Free Us From the Fear"
Everson Taveras - "The Incorrigible"
Everson Taveras - "Edge of Life"
Everson Taveras - "The Last Straw"
Everson Taveras - "The Gas Stop"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "On My Street"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "I Never Had That"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Nothin' Doin'"
Eddie Brophy - "Midnight Kiss Under a Doomsday Clock"
Eddie Brophy - "Charles Darwin's Deathbed"
Michele Simon - "Beach at Winter's End"
Michele Simon - "Words"
Michele Simon - "No Goodbye"
Tony Rossetti - "Where Have All the Poets Gone?"
Wallace E. Clark IV - "Morning"
Wallace E. Clark IV - "Sirius"
Wallace E. Clark IV - "Nephila"
Wallace E. Clark IV - "Arcane"
Wallace E. Clark IV - "Untitled #1"


Michele Simon- "The Princess' Horse"
Haley Norris - "Lemons"
Lisa A. Mahoney - "The Front Page"

Creative Non Fiction

Michele Simon- "The Other Side of the Beach"
Kassie Rubico - "Fertility Goddess"
Brandon Lavoie - "31, 30 N, 34, 45 E "

Art Contributors

Nyashantty Arujo - Photography
Noemi Cruz - Photography
Nikki Olson- Collages
Nancy Walker - Collage and Sketch
Martha Squiers - Photography
Kelly Goodwin - Photography
Haley Norris - Sketches and Photography
Elizabeth Laskiewicz - Photography
Christina Silva - Photography
David Sheeley - Photography
Chantelle Montgomery - Digital Collage
Cathy Colbert - Photography
Anne Lafond - Sketch
Amy Titus - Painting
Walter Margerison - Photography
Alex Kyzer - Photography
Ivan Perez - Photography and Painting
Megan Cheney - Photography
Vaughn Abbott - Sketch
Michele Simon - Photography
Rebecca McBrien - Photography

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